Taylor Swift’s website crashed last night following the release of Look What You Made Me Do. Because after dropping the song, she’s also partnered with Target for album collectibles – two magazines that include the upcoming new album and personal photos and artwork. Here’s the artwork:


These images are meant to give us a sense of how Taylor’s Snake Era will be styled. Short skirts and crop tops replaced by oversized sweaters and hoodies? That’s not exactly what we’re seeing in the sneak peek of the Look What You Made Me Do video:

The moment I saw the preview I texted Kathleen: is she really evoking the aesthetic of Formation and Mrs Carter?

That, of course, would be Beyoncé’s Formation and The Mrs Carter Show.

Kathleen saw it too. She wrote back:

“The nails and the gold chair feel Mrs Carter to me. And the black outfit with the dancers behind her feels VERY Formation.”

And then she sent over this tweet. We’re not alone:

Beyoncé would never let this hair happen to her though:

As mentioned earlier, MTV has confirmed that the full LWYMMD video will air during the VMAs on Sunday. Katy is hosting the VMAs. There are some people who are still speculating that this might be a reconciliation, that this might mean that Katy and Taylor will bury their beef once and for all. Since Taylor’s only talking to us through her lyrics, the lyrics would not suggest that she’s here to (re)make friends. She’s underlining names in red in her burn book. LWYMMD is a war cry. It’s not an olive branch.

Has anyone checked on Katy Perry?

It’s 48 hours before the VMAs and she’s hosting. Normally that’s what we would be talking about. Or at least that’s what they’d be trying to make us talk about. She dropped the Swish Swish video a couple of days ago. She’s presiding over one of the biggest award shows of the year. And instead it’s Taylor who’s sucking up all the pop culture energy. If you’re Katy Perry and you agree weeks ago to host the VMAs and then MTV, with two days to go, decides to shift the spotlight on your nemesis, where do you go from there? Who had to be the one to break it to Katy Perry that this would be happening? How did that conversation go down? What do you do now if you’re Katy Perry? Because while Taylor’s trying to mic drop her video on the VMAs, Katy does have a microphone in her hand for 3 hours. In front of a live audience. On a pretty big stage.

So now you know what MTV has to gain. And what Taylor Swift is gaining. But will Katy Perry be able to find an upside? Am I almost feeling sorry for her?