Dear Gossips,

As expected, it was announced yesterday that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be postponed a year because of the coronavirus pandemic. The last time there was an Olympics it was just over two years ago, in 2018 in South Korea. And if you recall, two of the biggest stars of those Games were Canadians Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir who became the most decorated figure skaters in Olympic history. Tessa and Scott, of course, had had a healthy fanbase before that but their performances in 2018 really pushed the worldwide obsession with them to the next level. It was the Moulin Rouge, right? That’s why they’re the best – they have alllll the technical skills but their expressions and interpretations for four and half minutes really sold the f-ck out of the dance. I still get goosebumps at the part where they throw their arms back when the song hits the first “Roxxxxxx-ANNE”. You want to watch it again now, don’t you? Here, let me make that easy for you, but promise to come back – hit it

And then, of course, everyone started shipping them. Not unlike the way they shipped Leo and Kate, Gaga and BCoop, Lupita and MBJ. Sometimes the Tessa and Scott shipping got out of control. There was a toxic element to their fandom, like all fandoms, resulting in conspiracy theories about them hiding their relationship; when Scott got engaged last year, some refused to believe it or became abusive towards his fiancée. Not sure if they’re over that yet but if they’re not, there’s been another blow to the illusion: Tessa is dating Toronto Maple Leafs defenceman Morgan Rielly. People have known about this for weeks now but yesterday they went Instagram official. 

Tessa was on IG live with Max Kerman from Arkells. And then Morgan showed up: 


Tessa and Morgan are in isolation together in Vancouver (where he’s from). Which means they’re in isolation together indefinitely. Which means… well… you know what it means. 

This is basically fanfic come true for a lot of Canadians: she’s a figure skating princess, he’s not just a hockey player but a MAPLE LEAF. Both of them have a huge spotlight in this country, they are heatscores – and they both understand, especially Tessa, that their joint appearance would elicit a reaction. She’d previously hinted that she’d be bringing a date to Scott’s wedding. It’s time to let go of those Moulin Rouge dreams.  

Yours in gossip,