Dear Gossips,

Holy sh-t, that Olympic free dance competition last night. But this is what you want when the gold is on the line, right? You want everyone to f-cking bring it. There is nothing I’m better at than choking in the moment, especially when it requires physical performance. So to see these athletes stomp it under such pressure, under all those expectations, it’s like a drug to me, watching them deliver. 

Here in Canada, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are mega superstars. It seems like they’re namechecked every five minutes across our Olympic networks. Every time there’s an Olympics though, Tessa and Scott become an international obsession. I linked yesterday in What Else to this post at The Ringer about how Tessa and Scott have their own Twi-Hards who think that, like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, they too are secretly married and raising a baby. They have said repeatedly that they are not dating. People refuse to believe them. It would be super cute if they were dating but I also don’t want to hang with Twi-Hards, so can we talk about something else? 

When Tessa and Scott won gold at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, Nicole Kidman was in the building for the free skate. I always think of Nicole Kidman when I see Tessa. And then they made Moulin Rouge their long program. Don’t you think they look alike? Like SO alike? The nose? The lips? 

Tessa and Scott have now won the most figure skating medals in Olympic history. They are legends. And one day they’ll finally show us their wedding photos and let us know the name of their baby. (Please do not take me seriously, OMG.) 


Yours in gossip,