In Hollywood, just as there is in real life, there are those celebrities for whom Halloween will always be sexy. Halloween is an opportunity, just like every other day, to look hot. I don’t subscribe to that kind of Halloween, so I appreciate those celebrities who aren’t worried about looking pretty that day. Like Lizzo, who is very hot, and will still be hot after Halloween, and so one of her costumes was Baby Yoda: 


And also Ariana Grande. 


I couldn’t do this because it looks uncomfortable and claustrophobic as f-ck, which is why I admire the effort. That, by the way, is one of my big issues with Halloween costumes and parties. It’s so much work to do the costume, who has the energy to even go out after? And when you’re out, Jesus, it’s either itchy from all the makeup and paint and the wigs or hot from the outfit or the headpieces and then if your costume is really elaborate you might be bumping into people all night – and the worst part: some of these costumes don’t allow for food consumption! And food is the best part of a party!

Yes, I am a Halloween scrooge. 

Here, let’s fix that mood and go into more celebrity costumes. My award for Best Sexy Halloween Costume for 2021 is Teyana Taylor. This is self-explanatory:

Best Fashion Halloween for 2021 is Tessa Thompson at Megan Thee Stallion’s party. If she wore this on a red carpet, it would totally work: 

Tessa Thompson attends Megan Thee Stallion's Halloween party in LA, October 31, 2021

Here’s what Megan looked like, by the way. See what I mean about bumping into people? Those wings!

Megan Thee Stallion celebrates Halloween in LA, October 31, 2021

The Halloween Award for I Don’t Know What Your Costume is goes to Drake this year. Because he just wore a white tux to LeBron James’s party and, oh, right, the theme was Costume Couture so… sure, I guess this works. 

Drake attends the Costume Couture Halloween party in LA, October 31, 2021

Sometimes there are celebrities who just don’t bother. That would be Robert Pattinson. He and Suki Waterhouse went to a party and… it wasn’t necessarily Halloween: 

Robert Pattinson celebrates Halloween in LA, October 31, 2021

And finally…

The ultimate, my Halloween King for 2021 is… The Weeknd. Because this is next level as Don Corleone, HOLY SH-T. 

Abel is right. He wins every year: 

More Halloween content coming up in Maria’s post.