TGIF with Peter Noah Kavinsky Centineo 

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You’re welcome in advance for blessing your Friday with an update on Noah Centineo, our beloved Peter Kavinsky, who I am still very much in a one-sided, thirst-heavy relationship with, even though the backlash has begun and there are some people who are ready to move on to the next Internet Boyfriend. 

I am not ready. How could I be ready after this expertly executed thirst trap? 


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He’s still the best “thirst-architect” in the game. The above IG post is from a photo series by photographer Sarah Bahbah. I don’t want to give Noah Centineo too much credit for this photo essay since I’m sure most of the credit belongs to Sarah, the photographer, but the captions that accompany these photos read like Noah’s tweets or his own Instagram captions. 


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“Sometimes I think we’re supposed to be lovers.”

COME ON. Noah, positioned like this on a bed saying those words, is exactly what our daydreams have consisted of since the day we met Peter Kavinsky. No? Just me? I highly doubt it’s just me. 


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This one is basically a Drake lyric. Noah Centineo and Drake are actually a perfect match. They’re both VERY GOOD at manipulating our emotions. Through this photo essay I never want to end, Peter Noah has one last sub message for all of you trying to break up with him. 


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Another reason Noah is still worthy of the Internet Boyfriend title is that he’s still very good at making fun of himself online. He retweeted the below post by Netflix France and Belgium. 

Their tweet reads "Noah Centineo doesn't know how to put on clothes, and it's iconic." (Thanks to ELLE for the translation) If Noah Centineo needs someone to help him put his clothes on (or take them off), I volunteer as tribute.

Here’s the thing: there will come a time that the Internet decides to move on from Peter Noah Kavinsky Centineo. Some of you already have. The way he can keep our attention is through funny self-aware tweets or through shameless photo essays. If it’s strategy, I am HERE FOR IT. Anything to distract from the disastrous disappointment that was Sierra Burgess Is a Loser.

Sorry, do you need a palate cleanse after I just reminded you of that hot mess? Here you go: 


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