Last night was the premiere of The Bachelor, this season’s lead is Clayton Echard who is a former football player and was a contestant on Michelle Young’s season that LITERALLY JUST FINISHED AIRING TWO WEEKS AGO. It’s the franchise’s fourth show in just six months. We are exhausted. Why can’t the producers read the room?? 


The whole point about reality shows is suspense but since we’ve seen the most dramatic season ever four times in the past few months, gone are the days where my Twitter feed is full of Bachelor content, especially during the premiere of the show. Watching the first episode last night felt like a math formula. I’ve been watching the show for years now, but yesterday’s episode was the first time I legitimately felt as though the show has already been laid out for me. Since I already have a pretty strong idea who the top four will be, I’m kind of over it. 


Another thing I, as well as most of Bachelor Nation, is over is the show picking yet ANOTHER basic white man. But the issue isn’t the fact that he’s white, necessarily. It’s the fact that there were numerous men of colour from Michelle’s season that could have been chosen. That season was quite the record breaker, one being that it was the first ever final four that were all people of colour. Instead, the show decided to pick Clayton who came in eight place. Even Clayton has made multiple comments about how shocked he was that he was chosen. What’s a shock for him isn’t necessarily shocking considering the show’s history. The franchise has made countless errors and thoughtless moves that have shown they don’t really value representation the way they say they do and the same conversation happens over and over again when they promise up and down that they will change. For them to choose Clayton, a guy most people had zero connection to, over any of the others we actually got to know/root for on Michelle’s season, shows where they place their value and the audience they value. They also made this clear with their decision to make Jesse Palmer the host. 

Palmer’s performance as a host was pretty good. He delivered the lines well, he’s not stealing any thunder (this is something I noticed Chris Harrison doing a lot of), and he’s also a former Bachelor which ensures that he has a connection and understanding of the process. But…he looks exactly like Clayton…


There were multiple times watching this where I got the two of them mixed up. This is just another example of how oddly committed The Bachelor is at creating this world around centering whiteness in the image of a Clayton/Jesse. 

Nevertheless, the show went on, and there were a few moments that stood out. There was a woman who ended up going to Clayton’s room before the actual limo exits. After having a conversation, Clayton tried to give her a rose because he felt a connection, but she ended up declining the rose and leaving after getting upset over her ex-fiancé (her wedding was supposed to be that weekend), she realized her heart wasn’t in it. I’m pretty confident she’ll pop up sometime during the season, but that was the most “dramatic” part of the show last night.

We had the expected limo exits, jealousy, and strong personalities that audiences can expect to see stick around. There was also a woman who was going around saying how much she didn’t really connect with Clayton, which eventually got back to him. After he heard about that, he sent her home before the rose ceremony. Teddi, who got the first impression rose, was also his first kiss, so there’s no surprise there. 


Everything else was mundane. The episode didn’t really leave me excited for next week. We’ve also seen the same teaser of the whole season that reveals Clayton falls in love with three women. There’s also a moment where you see him tell two women that he was intimate with both of them. To me, the trailer gave wayyyy too much away, which is just ANOTHER reason why I feel the least excited for this season than I ever have in the past. 

Bottom line is, Bachelor Nation is tired. Besides just boredom, I’ve seen lots of people decide not to watch the show to prove that a white Bachelor isn’t going to solve their plummeting ratings. Hopefully they realize that enough is enough because this time around, it's impossible to miss.