Today wasn’t supposed to be a great day. I’m coming off a 24-hour flu or food poisoning or whatever it is that makes you puke out your lungs for a full day. I’m just trying to make it to the long weekend. Today is now a great day. I have already screamed and cried and pounded my fists on my desk in delight. Today is a great day because Entertainment Weekly reunited the cast of Dawson’s Creek for the show’s 20th anniversary and it’s the only cast reunion I care about. It is the cast reunion of my dreams. Today, I am LIVING for this reunion. 

20 YEARS. HOW? I just realized I was way too young to be watching Dawson’s Creek when it premiered which is probably why it means so much to me. I was sneakily recording episodes on VHS so my parents wouldn’t find out I was obsessed with that show where a student has an affair with his teacher. Most of the things I knew about sex as an adolescent, I think I learned from Dawson’s Creek. I wasn’t in high school yet when I was first introduced to Joey, Pacey, Dawson and Jen but these fast-talking, angsty teenagers with impeccable vocabularies were exactly who I wanted to be in high school. And once I got there, they became the friends going through the same(ish) sh-t I was going through. Michelle Williams says something in the interview portion of EW’s reunion that pretty much sums up my connection to Dawson’s Creek.

“That stuff that gets in there during those really formative teen years stays there.” 

Oh, it stayed. Sure, Dawson’s Creek was a show about white teenagers in Cape Cod so I was only really represented by side characters like Joey’s sister’s baby daddy, and Principal Green and his daughter Nikki (shout out to the ageless Bianca Lawson) but like every black kid growing up in the 90s when all the teen dramas were all white, I found myself in these characters anyway. So, this morning, when I saw all of my beloveds together again, it was emotional to put it mildly. 

I may or may not have interrupted our morning meeting to squeal out loud about the fact that Katie Holmes has her hands on Joshua Jackson’s shoulders on the cover. On their individual covers, Katie and Josh are wearing the same hat. JOEY + PACEY FOREVER.

Aside from multiple covers, EW has given us a full photoshoot, feature article and a 55-minute video retrospective with the entire cast, including Grams! GRAMS. Is it bad that I was pleasantly surprised that Mary Beth Peil is still alive? Yes, it is bad because not only is she alive and only 77, she looks f-cking FLAWLESS. Everyone looks pretty great and eerily the same, just grown. Kerr Smith who played Jack McPhee, a character ahead of his time, looks the most different due to his grey hair but I’m into it. Meredith Monroe looks great but her personality is still just as annoying in real life as Andie McPhee was in Capeside. 

Speaking of annoying characters, here’s what James Van Der Beek says about Dawson Leery:

“There’s so much about Dawson that annoyed me.”

US TOO, JAMES. God, Dawson was insufferable. JOEY + PACEY FOREVER.

Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps are adorable, but we knew that. I wasn’t overly excited at the Jen and Audrey reunion because we see that annually during red carpet season. However, I did lose my sh-t over every single interaction between ex-lovers but forever together in my heart (no disrespect to Jamie Foxx), Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson. I had a very physical reaction to this: 

MY. HEART. There are so many great nuggets like this throughout EW’s reunion I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow, we’re dealing with rumours of another kind of reunion, if you know what I mean (no disrespect to Jamie Foxx). Also, if there was any question about whether Joshua Jackson can still get it, the answer is a resounding YES, forever, always, GOOD LORD.  

The reunion took place on March 12th. The entire cast of Dawson’s Creek were together in New York City 16 days ago and no one knew. In the interview, Joshua Jackson jokes about how fun it was to see the reaction from people when they all grabbed coffee together. If the cast of Dawson’s Creek walked into any establishment I also was in, they wouldn’t walk out with their eardrums intact. I am not ashamed to admit that. I have zero chill about this. 

I am still processing all of this new content and I haven’t been able to get through the entire 55-minute video yet. I know #PRIORITIES, but I have the rest of the day to savour every word and every frame. 

You can watch the full cast interview here and see more pics here.