It’s not breaking news that both Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are working with stylists Nina and Clare Hallworth. But The Hollywood Reporter turned it into a Story yesterday because, clearly, it’s been ten days since the Screen Actors Guild awards and their moment backstage and we’re all parched out here for any scraps that will connect them. Brad and Jen, even if they’re not reconciling, are Good for Gossip. Forever. Should they reconcile, it’s basically Gossip Super Bowl every single day. 

So, yes, they are styled by the same people and if they weren’t friendly that probably wouldn’t be likely but is it evidence enough that there might be something and that these two have been slow-rolling us about their relationship? Are they actually back together and letting us know by episodic installments? Previously on The Days of Brad and Jen, they greeted each other at the SAG awards and the internet had a meltdown. Next time…


Jen shows up at Brad’s Super Bowl party and brings her signature bean dip, which happens to be his favourite? 

And stay tuned for the week after, because the Oscars are coming up. We’ve been talking since the SAGs about the possibility of her presenting. Maybe she won’t present and they’ll just show up on the carpet together, hand in hand, like SURPRISE! The Oscars would love that. Social media would love that. Not sure if the other nominees will since they’d become the only story, and I mean the ONLY story (look what happened at the SAGs), over and above Best Picture. 

Here’s Jen at the nail bar yesterday.