“There’s a lid for every pot.” That’s a saying my colleague, and Lainey’s co-host, Melissa Grelo uses often. It means that every person can find someone who’s into the same sh-t they are into, no matter how weird or niche. Loving Kanye West’s music is not weird but dating someone solely because they love Kanye West’s music definitely is. 

The goal of Yeezy Dating is exactly that – for single people to join together in their mutual love of Yeezus and live happily ever after. Yesterday when Lainey sent me this, we weren’t sure if it was legit. It sounds like a joke. It looks like a joke. 


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It is not a joke. 

Listen, I love Kanye West. Even when I’m mad at him or disappointed in his antics, my nostalgic affinity for Kanye West is too strong for me to give up on him. The first post I wrote for LaineyGossip was about how much I loved Kanye West. If I was single, think I would be the target demo for this site but there is no way in hell I would sign up for Yeezy Dating. 

First, the dude who created Yeezy Dating is a 22 year-old Kanye “super fan” who told MTV that he’s only been a fan for four years. I already hate him. His name is Harry Dry and he was inspired to start this site while listening to The Life of Pablo. Of course he was. It’s Kanye’s most self-indulgent album, and that’s saying something. Here’s how Harry Dry describes Yeezy Dating:

“I think it's about celebrating the dreamers, the people who are saying it's OK to be great, and it's about bringing those people together. I think the guy [Kanye] is a life inspiration.”

What is happening? Is 2018 trolling us? I love Kanye but some of his fans, just like him, can be the worst kind of pretentious hipster egomaniacs. Plus, never trust a Kanye West fan who ranks My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy second LAST on a list of Kanye’s best albums. The Life of Pablo at number three? This kid is really trying to test me today. 

Harry Dry says his app matches you with a partner based on your favourite Kanye album and your proximity to each other. It’s either batsh-t or brilliant. On one hand, if you find two Kanye fans whose favourite albums are both 808s and Heartbreak, I do think they are destined for a compatible life of watching rom-coms in sweatpants together. And if your crush has similar musical interests, it makes them that much hotter, right? On the other, choosing a partner based on their taste in music generally seems like bad idea. Maybe there should be an app just to weed out people who don’t like Beyoncé because clearly they are monsters. 

Finally, because Kanye West and Taylor Swift are forever bound to the same narrative, T.Swift fans are explicitly banned from the site. I may want to punch Harry Dry in the face but he’s basically turning Kanye and Taylor fans into the new Montagues and Capulets and I’m into it. Can someone make an app for all the star-crossed #TeamTaylor and #TeamKanye lovers?