I don’t think I saw this skirt the first time around – because I totally would have remembered it. I mean I love the idea of it, all those pieces of denim stitched together to create wearable art. My question is how practical it is. Denim isn’t typically that flexible. And I’m wondering how easy it is to walk in this. (Go Fug Yourself) 


This comes up every year or so: will The Rock run for president? He won’t rule it out and it depends on what the people want. Do the people want The Rock to stop making movies for a decade? (Considering campaign timing, and potentially two terms) Maybe that’s the better question. I mean, as funny as it would be to hear him call a political opponent, like Ted Cruz, a “jabroni” in a debate, he could do that without being a politician. (Dlisted)

Oh well speaking of Ted Cruz, and why he should be called a “jabroni” and much worse, he’s taking a lot of sh-t right now for, well, being Ted Cruz. Seems like all of Twitter is dunking on him right now because he’s the senator from Texas who decided to leave Texas, when everyone in Texas is freezing and afraid and so many are without food or water and the shelves are empty and people are already hurting more than they’ve been hurting for almost a year now, and well, on top of all that he decided to blame it on his kids. If you’re asking if The Rock should run for president, he’d be a better one that Ted f-cking Cruz. (Pajiba) 


Notice what Jennifer Lopez starts with when she lists her “5 Ss” for beauty? SLEEP. She gets a lot of it! She also says she doesn’t share her sheet masks with her kids because they’re expensive and I appreciate that but also… in my experience, sheet masks don’t have to be expensive. In fact, sometimes the cheaper the better. The sheet masks I swear by go for around $2 each. Maybe even less if you bundle. Let me know if you’re interested in hearing more and I’ll write about it. Some people aren’t into that info and think it’s all about promo, even though I f-cking wish I was being paid to promote a sheet mask, are you kidding? (Cele|bitchy) 

Daniel Dae Kim was on CNN with Chris Cuomo last night to talk about anti-Asian racism and the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes over the last year. It was encouraging to see him on that platform, raising awareness about how dangerous it is right now for Asians. Here’s a great piece about the many “save Chinatown” campaigns in major cities during the pandemic should be happening alongside conversations about anti-Asian violence.  (Eater)