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Rent: Live is happening on Sunday. Duana and Kathleen will be LIVEBLOGGING Rent right here, at LaineyGossip, throughout the show. Old school! The liveblog widget will appear on the main page of the site. So heads up, musical theatre nerds – join them here and geek out for three hours. 

For me and Sarah, our assignment on Sunday is the SAG Awards. We’ll be tweeting during the broadcast @laineygossip and @cinesnark and we’ll have full team coverage of both Rent and the SAG Awards on Monday on regular gossip schedule. It’ll be an early start so check in with us early on Monday to get caught up. 

The spotlight is on the Dragon today in the 12 Days of Lunar New Year. For a refresher of my ma’s Chinese zodiac forecasts so far, please visit the Squawking Chicken’s main page – yes, she has her own main page. 

If you were with us last year, you’ll recall that ma was particularly attentive towards the Dragon during the Year of the Dog, because the Dragon was due for some sh-t. It’s worth reviewing the Dragon advisory from 2018 to revisit the spectacular nature of the Dragon’s feng shui. The Dragon is the most dramatic sign in the Chinese zodiac. Dragons are all about the extremes – when they’re lucky, they’re luckier than any other sign; when they’re unlucky, they’re unluckier than any other sign. Last year the Dragon was on a low swing and was cautioned to conserve and harvest, banking for future reward. If the Dragon was responsible about its luck last year, well, this year is the payoff. Big payoff. The Dragon is the luckiest sign during the Year of the Pig. 

Two lucky stars oversee the Dragon this year which means financial stability and career improvements are possible. That said, arrogance can often push away good luck. Do not take things for granted. Do not lose focus of the details and the fine points. Be careful on legal matters, like contracts and other deals. Strengthen your foundation. The Dragon may be lucky but some things are out of their control. Be extra cautious of the weather, natural disaster warnings, and random acts of violence. 

1964 Dragons may experience smooth cash flow during the Year of the Pig – cash could be coming in from the front door and from the side door, perhaps a side hustle? 

1976 Dragons who are entrepreneurs, run their own business, partners in their own business might see a boost in new business development. But don’t be greedy and keep things on the up and up. You don’t need to cut corners. 

1988 Dragons could have a very active, almost overwhelmingly busy social life this year. Take things step by step and don’t overschedule.  

For all Dragons, a wedding is a good idea during the Year of the Pig. Dragons marrying this year have a better chance at a long-lasting successful marriage. There’s also the potential of an unexpected pregnancy. 

Fall born Dragons should watch their internal health, paying close attention to bladder and intestines. 

In February and March, be cautious about safety and injury. 

In March and April, there could be friction with a business partner. Avoid drama. Don’t pursue conflicts. Rest and relax instead. Let things go because otherwise, the tensions will push the money away. 

In May and June, spend time meditating or reconnect with your faith, if you are religious. 

In August and through the fall months, be vigilant about negotiations and deals. Think carefully before you vouch for someone, either financially or on character. Seriously consider whether or not you want to be a guarantor if you are asked. Backing the wrong person or the wrong project could have terrible consequences. 

Between December 7 and January 5, 2020, go for a checkup at the doctor and get bloodwork. 

Monday: Snake time. 

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