Right at the beginning of January, Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles were photographed at a wedding holding hands. Olivia and Harry started working together last September. By November it was revealed that she and Jason Sudeikis had ended their engagement months ago, like early in 2020. Initially it didn’t seem suspicious until a week after Olivia and Harry were first seen together, rumours started circulating that, well, according to sources close to Jason, it was news to him and the timeline was funky. Supposedly he didn’t know Olivia wanted out of their relationship until after Harry was involved, and that he was still open to the possibility of reconciliation, which made her look like the asshole.


It’s been a month. And now the Sun is reporting that Jason is dating Keely Hazell. Keely is a British model-actress and she plays “Bex” on Jason’s show, Ted Lasso, which is currently in production on season two in England. Interestingly enough, there’s a character in the series called “Keely”, played by Juno Temple, whose backstory is not dissimilar with the real-life Keely: what they call a “Page 3 model” over in the UK, essentially influencers before we started calling people influencers. The Sun is suggesting that Keely the character is named after Keely the person, and perhaps based on her too? 

Considering when Ted Lasso first started shooting, real Keely and Jason have known each other for at least a year, if not more. Now that he’s single, evidently they’re exploring their connection? Great. Moving on is great. I mean it’s a different narrative than the one that was being put out there the last time we checked, with his sources telling PEOPLE that he’s “absolutely heartbroken” but the heart can heal – and his heart, evidently, is recovering which works for everyone: Jason and Keely, obviously, but also Olivia and Harry. And this doesn’t have to be as messy as it was being suggested it was. 


Can we talk about Ted Lasso though? Because I just finished the final episode of the first season last night and, just as Sarah wrote in her piece about the show last year, it’s SO F-CKING GOOD, I love it so much, I was actually sad when it was over. They found a perfect balance of positivity but not overly earnest, sweetness but not sickly, and there’s some bite. This is a show about the nicest, most generous dude in what’s usually a toxically uber-male environment that manages to be kind but also crass at the same time and a celebration of female friendship! All friendship, actually. But I’m singling that part out because this is a show that’s ostensibly about men coaching and playing professional football/soccer and passes the Bechdel test with flying colours. (Not that the Bechdel test is the standard anymore, we should far exceed it, but my point is that the women on the show aren’t just there to advance the men’s storylines.) Also it’s really, really funny. And the biggest surprise after watching it for me is that, for the first time, I’m looking at Jason Sudeikis like… yeah… Jason Sudeikis, I totally would.