There were rumours for months that The Weeknd and Angelina Jolie are a thing. But a few weeks ago, E! News reported that he was seen multiple times having dinner with Simi Khadra. She and her twin sister Haze are DJs and models and musicians. And there are cross-connections all over the place here because both Simi and Haze are in the orbit of the Kardashian-Jenners and they were at one point tight with Abel’s ex, Bella Hadid. Bella has apparently unfollowed Simi on Instagram. 


Because while initially there were denials about their romance, this weekend, when Abel was celebrating his birthday, he and Simi were seen kissing: 


That’s definitely longer than what would be a friend kiss. Also, this happened as you can see, in front of a LOT of people. Neither one of these people are new to this game. If you’re in Vegas, at a party, please, you know everyone has their phone out. So I’m not sure Abel is keeping this on lock anymore. 


Which means that, I guess, if there ever was anything between him and Angelina, it’s definitely not a thing at the moment. Was it ever a thing? Possible, right? Things don’t have to last forever. Sometimes a thing happens when you need it, and it serves a purpose for a moment, but that moment can pass. Perhaps their moment, again if there was a moment, has expired…gently? I mean I’m totally scripting this situation now but I can see it being a gentle expiration here. 

To go back to Abel and Simi though… 

You know, with Selena Gomez there were cross-connections there too. Selena and Taylor Swift and the Hadids etc, etc, etc. Does he find the drama or does the drama find him?