The Weeknd and Bella Hadid broke up a few weeks before he and Selena Gomez started dating. Then Bella unfollowed Selena and Abel on social media and there was all kinds of drama and pettiness, followed by a few months of peace, and now Selena and Abel are no longer together because she’s with Justin Bieber again and, oh look, The Weeknd was just seen leaving Bella’s apartment in New York this week:

This is comforting to me. It’s comforting because no matter how much things change, with technology and all that, what doesn’t change is behaviour. Specifically breakup behaviour. My ex-girlfriend is back with her ex-boyfriend and now I’m checking my ex-girlfriend because this is the way it’s always been, since we started the fire. And it always looks this obvious. Which is another thing that doesn’t change – the people doing it, they can’t help themselves from being so obvious. 

You’re obvious, Abel. And is it fair to Bella? 

I’ve been Bella. I’ve been Abel and Bella. Abel’s obvious. Bella’s obvious and oblivious at the same time. You know what this is. But even though you know, you still can’t say no. Even though you know this can’t possibly benefit you, you’re in there anyway. Somehow you find a justification. I’m the one he can’t forget. I’m the one he’ll always come back to. Most of the time, it doesn’t hold up. 

Attached - Bella out in New York last night and The Weeknd performing in New York on Tuesday.