More and more people are coming forward to share their accounts of Harvey Weinstein’s predation. The Academy voted this weekend to cancel his membership and France is taking away his Legion of Honour and police in London and New York are investigating him for sexual abuse. Harvey meanwhile may or may not be in Arizona and he may or may not be in rehab but that doesn’t mean he isn’t making moves. And his former colleagues and partners are making moves too to save their own asses and their business.

The Weinstein Company is losing board members. They’re also reportedly losing investors. Since Harvey’s firing, Bob Weinstein and David Glasser, President of TWC, have assumed leadership of the company. And both were interviewed on record this weekend. Bob Weinstein spoke exclusively to The Hollywood Reporter, insisting that he hasn’t had a relationship with his brother in 5 years and that while he knew that Harvey was a chronic philanderer, he had no idea that he was a sexual predator. Bob also claimed that he has a much better reputation with  filmmakers and talent than Harvey and that while he couldn’t speak to legal specifics, he’s working hard to save TWC because he cares about the filmmakers and the artists and he would never have compromised their safety and their integrity if he had known what Harvey was doing. Sure.

A lot of people find that hard to believe. Including Scott Derrickson, the director of Doctor Strange:

And Rose McGowan who’s been keeping the heat on the bigger picture and firing directly at the core of the corruption:

That said, in Bob’s THR interview, he repeatedly alludes to all the conversations he’s been having with people in Hollywood who, supposedly, still support his efforts. And he even namechecks Mira Sorvino, one of the women Ronan Farrow cited in his piece for The New Yorker, claiming that they’re still friends. So, basically, if one Harvey’s former victims is talking to him, and is friends with him, everyone else should too? This is what Bob wants to everyone to believe. Bob says that he too is a victim, that Harvey also abused him, and that Harvey is the big bad here, the point being that Bob should be given a second chance in the business, that he shouldn’t be thrown out along with Harvey.

As for David Glasser – this is worth noting: on Friday, Variety published an exclusive about David’s past business dealings, linking him to a money laundering case in the 90s. David Glasser is not a household name, an actor or an actress, so I’m not sure how much play this is getting beyond the trades. But it’s something to pay attention to. After Variety’s report, David spoke to Deadline and during the interview, he claims that this information was disclosed in his employment file with The Weinstein Company, that he was transparent about the money laundering investigation earlier in his career, and that the fact that his employment file had been leaked to Variety was suspicious…because some sh-t went down at The Weinstein Company offices last Friday.

Basically what he’s suggesting in this interview with Deadline is that there may have been a breach, a possible break-in at TWC, and that it may become a “police matter”. So…to recap:

Harvey Weinstein is exposed for being a predator. The Weinstein Company is being accused of covering up his abuses. Many others are suspected of enabling his behaviour. And now the police might be investigating some sort of corporate espionage…? If that’s the case, we’re talking a network of shady people, like sinister f-cking connections. 

Once again, there is no way Harvey Weinstein is going down for this by himself. Right now, his energy appears to be on his brother and The Weinstein Company and whatever sh-t they have to share in this mess. Once he’s done lighting that on fire, he’ll move on to another target. And you have to wonder what those targets are doing to fortify themselves against whatever attack Harvey might mount. To protect their own power networks from being brought down. To protect their own secrets from being exposed. Harvey Weinstein wasn’t the only predator in Hollywood. In the wake of Harvey’s mess, while all the focus is on Harvey, what have they been doing to make sure that the same doesn’t happen to them?