The world is hell but there have been some bright spots this week. The best part obviously is that Beyoncé told us that it’s time for summer. There’s also joy in these videos of Justin Timberlake dancing – and Twitter’s reaction to it. The tweets have been beautiful. As is Ben from Dlisted describing JT’s moves as “extra raisins in the potato salad”. I will be laughing about this forever. And I am also stealing that expression. The f-ck puts raisins in anything, let alone potato salad?! (Dlisted) 


I can defend outfits that look smashed together, and I generally love a polarising outfit that clashes everywhere but… I cannot defend this on Heidi Klum. But it’s not for the top of the outfit, it’s the shoes. The shoes are what ruins it. I could almost, almost, go with everything else if she was wearing a pair of white 80s booties. Because then I know it’s a vibe. But with the shoes? No vibe. Never was a vibe. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Adele and Harry Styles supposedly said no thanks to perform at the Queen’s Jubilee and a royal reporter is trying to spin this as a stupid career move which… LOLOLOLOL. (Cele|bitchy) 

Here’s Margot Robbie on the set of Barbie and all I see is Elvis and Priscilla. That just might be my brain right now because…well… I’ve seen the movie and I have so many thoughts and I dream about his jumpsuits. This on Margot isn’t a jumpsuit, but it’s big jumpsuit energy. (OMG Blog) 

This is my first shiver of excitement about the Hunger Games prequel: Hunter Schafer is joining the cast. As a young Effie Trinket? (THR)