A quick refresher on the ongoing, seemingly interminable (it’s been over five years), Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt custody dispute. Previously in World War Brange, Angelina pushed to remove the private judge, John Ouderkirk, from the case because of a conflict of interest, given that he has a business relationship with Brad’s attorneys. A lower court initially found that Judge Ouderkirk could continue with the case, and he ended up ruling that Brad could spend more time with the children. Then an appellate court reversed that decision after a three judge panel found that he “violated his ethical obligations”. Brad’s legal team appealed that decision to the California Supreme Court. 


Yesterday according to PEOPLE, “the high court upheld the appellate court's disqualification decision in a ruling […] simply stating: "Petition and stay denied." Which means they have to stick with the custody arrangement that has been in place since November 2018.

A resolution then is still to be determined, presumably with a new judge. Per PEOPLE: 

“A representative for Pitt tells PEOPLE that the appeals court's previous decision "was based on a technical procedural issue and the Supreme Court's decision not to review that procedural issue does not change the extraordinary amount of factual evidence which led the trial judge — and the many experts who testified — to reach their clear conclusion about what is in the children's best interests."

"We will continue to do everything that's legally necessary based on the detailed findings of the independent experts," the representative tells PEOPLE.


I mean, if that’s the case with the “factual evidence” and the “findings of independent experts”, then there’s no reason to insist on keeping the old judge because a new judge should come to the same conclusion, right? And this time a judge who doesn’t have those conflicts of interests? 

Here are some new photos of Angelina, who changed into a green dress, with her kids at the Eternals after-party. It wasn’t just an adult event either. Salma Hayek’s daughter Valentina, 14, can also be seen in some of these shots (in a black spotted dress). Salma and Angelina became very close during filming and obviously hang out with each other’s families so it would seem as though their kids are now pretty friendly. 

As for Angelina’s dynamic with her children, check out these videos of her from the carpet last night, taking her kids to the waiting area before returning to do more press: 


Shiloh, as you can see, wanted one more hug: 

And a couple more pictures that are worth seeing. Before the premiere, Angelina had on another Valentino couture gown for a photo shoot. This is exquisite. 


If Misan Harriman sounds familiar to you it’s because there’s a Meghan Markle connection: 

One step closer to what I’ve been Gossip Genie-ing for a while now: the Jolie-Sussex connection.