The Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue had about two hours in the spotlight to itself and then a sister magazine pulled a major takeover. That would be British Vogue and their Rihanna, A$AP Rocky, and Baby cover – OMGGGGGGGGG. I’m saving the article to read tonight, when I can get over staring at these photos because there’s so much to appreciate. Their baby is delicious. The shot of Rihanna leading Rocky and their child down the beach is the perfect choice for the cover. And her hair – the throwback big glam of that hair, and her eye makeup, because of course her makeup is flawless. And God just the combined sexiness of these two, I can’t. More on Rihanna tomorrow. (UK Vogue)


Tom Brady claims that when he posted his thirst trap last week he didn’t know that it was a thirst trap because he’s not versed in “millennial verbiage” which, to me, pretty much confirms he spends no time in the locker room with other players. Because it’s beyond generational verbiage at this point. (Dlisted) 

The Santa Barbara Film Festival is happening right now where several of this year’s award season contenders are being honoured and at a critical time too since Oscar voting will start in a couple of weeks. Angela Bassett is campaigning for Best Supporting Actress and I love that she showed up with Ryan Coogler and they matched! (Go Fug Yourself) 

Tom Holland’s Fred Astaire film has a director: Paul King, who directed the Paddington movies. And if you’ve seen Paddington 2, one of the BEST movies of the last decade, you should be optimistic. (Cele|bitchy) 

I posted about NewJeans a couple of months ago. In case you missed it, NewJeans is a girl group out of South Korea and they’ve gotten super popular super fast. It hasn’t even been a year since their debut and they’re picking up huge streaming numbers on Spotify and their songs and dances have gone viral multiple times on social media. This week one of the members, Minji, was named Chanel’s latest ambassador. NewJeans is only getting bigger and bigger. Be prepared. (Soompi)