The final season of Barry begins in two and a half weeks, and the latest trailer is all about how everything is awful. We knew from the teaser that nobody is okay, but at this point, it seems like Barry could end with an asteroid destroying Earth, that’s how bad things look. 


After season two, I sort of thought Barry might go the route of Barry Berkman establishing a new, non-hitman life for himself in Los Angeles, but he would always be haunted by the things he’d done. Now, I think everyone is going to die. Maybe not Sally, maybe she’s the one who will find success yet be haunted by the past but watch this trailer and tell me it doesn’t make you anxious as hell.

Is it too much to ask that Noho Hank and Cristobal ride off into the sunset together? I know they’re drug dealers and they kill people/ have people killed, but in the world of Barry, maybe they’re the only people who deserve to walk away unscathed. I’ve given up on Barry, Sally and Gene Cousineau are probably in for a hard time, and Mr. Fuches doesn’t deserve a happy ending, but Noho Hank? He’s the closest thing to a good guy this show has. It would be totally fitting of the show Barry has become for everyone to go down in a final, spiteful fight, but I am rooting for Noho Hank and Cristobal. I just want those crazy kids to get their drug empire off the ground and get out of the blast radius for the inevitable sh-tstorm brewing around Barry. 


Which show will have a more “everyone is f-cked” ending, Succession or Barry?