It’s been a couple of months since Amy Robach and TJ Holmes were formally let go from Good Morning America 3 after their affair was exposed. She’s now officially divorced from Andrew Shue. Divorce proceedings are still ongoing between TJ and Marilee Fiebig. But from the moment they reached their settlements with ABC, Amy and TJ have seemed determined to show that they’re unbothered. They were in LA together for a while, they went on holiday together and were papped all over each other, and this week they’re in New York, are-in-arm while running errands…


Just as the NY Post reports that the two have been trying to get meetings with any and all networks to pitch their own talk show. According to the Post, Amy and TJ are “desperate” to return to television, and are willing to do anything. A TV expert is quoted as saying: 

“If they did a talk show, what would they talk about? What’s their expertise — infidelity? They’d take anything. I think they’d host a game show at this point.” 

Apparently Amy and TJ are leaning into their scandal, trying to sell themselves on their “chemistry” but insiders tell the Post that they’re no longer “credible” as news reporters, so this may be their only option: betting on the sensationalism surrounding their relationship to get back on camera. Here’s how another source puts it:

“They think they are Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They think they are superstars. It’s insane. They are not as famous as they think. Nobody is going to watch them. America does not like adulterers.”

I mean, I don’t think I agree about America not liking adulterers. Adultery is very popular as content. Look at how obsessed people are about that mess on Vanderpump. America can’t resist adultery – or at least the way Bravo packages adultery. And maybe THAT’s the difference here. Amy and TJ are hitting up NBC, CBS, and FOX. Maybe what they should be doing is taking their thirst to Andy Cohen, and going from daytime to nighttime.