One of Tiffany Haddish’s many, many projects is a Netflix cartoon called Tuca & Bertie. We heard about it a while ago, and now there is a trailer ahead of the show’s May 3 premiere. (WHY IS EVERYTHING HAPPENING AT ONCE. SAVE SOME STUFF FOR LATER. WE HAVE ALL SUMMER.) Haddish voices a toucan called Tuca, and she is joined by Ali Wong as her bird BFF, Bertie. The voice cast is STACKED and includes Nicole Byer, Amber Ruffin, Steven Yeun, John Early—when is Search Party coming back?!—Richard E. Grant, Tig Notaro, and Tessa Thompson. The trailer is super cute and I am very into this bird world, with its pet jaguars and snake trains. I am a little worried the show will spring Bojack Horseman-like dread on us, because it comes from a Bojack producer, but the trailer, at least, makes Tuca & Bertie look not as dark or consumed by depression. It looks like friends working to keep their friendship intact as life changes start moving them away from one another.

You know what I love in this trailer? The bit where the boyfriend bird says, “Don’t talk about me while I’m gone,” and Tuca replies, “We never do!” Raise your hand if you’ve lived that interaction. Dudes always think we’re talking about them and we never are. That little nugget amidst the absurdity of the bird world is exactly the tone I didn’t know I wanted from this show. Bojack Horseman is also very good at combining the absurd and the real, but again, that show is a dark, dark tunnel to wander in, and I am hoping Tuca & Bertie is at least a little lighter than that. This is coming out on the heels of Avengers: Endgame and in the middle of Game of Thrones. An absurd cartoon break would be a great palate cleanser.