Timothee Chalamet is single. We know this from British Vogue and I thought I’d care a lot more about the fact that he and Lily-Rose Depp are no longer together, probably because of scheduling – it’s hard to coordinate being in the same place at the same time. Also, Lily-Rose is 20 and Timmy is 24. At this stage in their lives, and with their lives, this was never going to be their forever love, as perfect as they looked together. With all those cheekbones and the French speaking. 


Timothee’s singleness is one line in the British Vogue article, which is actually a joint interview between him and Dame Eileen Atkins. And the thing is, even though that’s that main takeaway headline from the piece, it’s actually the most… uninteresting part of the piece? 

Dame Eileen and Timmy were supposed to be starring together in the West End production of 4,000 Miles, now postponed obviously because of the pandemic lockdown. Before that, though, they were prepping the play, and getting to know each other – this interview is kind of part of that process and it’s DELIGHTFUL. Also hilarious. And the star of the piece is, not surprisingly, the Dame. She’s amazing. And Timmy is clearly in awe of her. But not annoyingly sycophantic. He knows he’s in the presence of legend. He’s appropriately deferential. He doesn’t have to be right up her ass about it though. And he’s not. He can’t be because they have to work together and she wouldn’t respect his work if he couldn’t get the fanboy out of the way.

Speaking of fanboys…


As you may have heard, Colin Farrell is a Dame Eileen fanboy. Or was. She’s told the story before about when they were on a project together and he showed up at her hotel room one night for a bootycall. Later on she recounted this on Loose Women. And he was pissed. So she sent him a limerick as an apology. The limerick begins like this:

“There once was a **** of a dame…”

I’m assuming it’s “c-nt” of a dame. And apparently it gets even filthier from there. 


Timmy is NOT the star here (and he promises he won’t be a Colin). The Dame is the star. So, yes, he’s single. But that’s the most boring part of the article. Click here to read.