Timothee Chalamet is having a busy week. He was just in New York at the WSJ’s Innovator Awards, ostensibly to present to honoree Martin Scorsese—and kinda-sorta scab while doing it—but he was also there with his girlfriend, another honoree, Kylie Jenner (someone please clarify what Kylie has innovated). 


Now he’s back in LA, or rather, Beverly Hills, going to lunch. A business lunch? This has been a question ever since the actors went on strike—how are they still making deals? Shouldn’t they cease signing onto new projects? Does it incentivize AMPTP to bargain in good faith if they’re still locking down talent like Timmy for upcoming projects?

It's one of the more glaring holes in the strike plan. Studios have and are losing money on box office because without press tours, audience awareness and hype for projects is down—who knew in the post-movie star era, press tours are still so important—but maybe the strike would be over by now if deal-making had stopped, too. Hindsight is 20/20, SAG-AFTRA probably thought not promoting work would be enough, and shutting down deals, too, would be a step too far. There are some legit questions being asked around town about how business ever goes back to normal after such a bitter fight this year. It feels like some bridges have burnt completely. 


Anyway, next weekend, Timmy will be back in New York to host SNL. We, and others, are side-eyeing him for this as again, it seems borderline scabby to host SNL with a movie coming out the next month (Wonka, ugh). Sure, Timmy won’t say “Wonka” out loud, but we’ll be thinking about it, and maybe SNL will even nod at it, because THEY aren’t on strike (as a variety show, SNL is covered by a separate deal with AMPTP from theatrical actors). It’s having his Wonka cake, and eating it, too, though it is possible this was meant to be a Dune-related hosting spot. SNL might not announce hosts far in advance, but these deals don’t happen overnight. This could have been planned for a while, and it’s just worked out this way. Still! Doesn’t look good! 


Also, do we think Kylie will show up? Do we care if she does? I am not fascinated with this romance as I am with Taylor and Travis (my favorite portmanteau for them is TNT, I have decided. Because they are dynamite! It’s Friday, and I’m tired). Timmy and Kylie are sort of the anti-TNT.