People were sending me this all night, my friends, you gossips, and on social media, and I know that because Timothee Chalamet is an Internet Boyfriend, and I exist online, he’s obviously a big deal in my bubble but I wonder, beyond that online popularity (which for many feels like the only kind of popularity, I know), is this big news for anyone else? By the way, your answer if you’re reading this may not be what I’m looking for because you’re here, online and reading gossip. But what about the people you know who don’t check in on Vulture and TMZ and THR and other pop culture sites like this one? (Who are they and why aren’t they?) Was this a big deal for them? The way it is for me and my friend Amy who woke up this morning and had to text me about it with a lot of emotion and emojis? 


Timothee Chalamet and Eiza Gonzalez are a thing now. They have combined their individual hotness to become an overwhelming unit of hotness. Timmy and Eiza were photographed together on holiday in Mexico. They are with friends but as you’ll see from the photos at TMZ (they have exclusive online rights to the shots in North America) at one point Timmy and Eiza kiss. And that, to me, is NOT a “just friends” kiss. They way he’s holding the back of her head. The way she’s holding the back of his head. The way she’s cupping his face. I mean I don’t want to start getting into fan fiction here but I have an imagination. 


As you can also see, Timmy has his guitar with him on the trip and he’s playing for her and their friends. Right. So who needs the fan fiction when they’re already giving us this storyline?! 

Timothee’s last relationship was with Lily-Rose Depp. Back in April, when his interview with British Vogue came out, we learned that he’s single. Somehow he and Eiza found love (I mean I’m assuming it’s love) in the time of coronavirus. Where? Eiza’s been papped a few times the last few months during lockdown, always in LA. Presumably then at some point, after rehearsals in London for his play 4,000 Miles was shut down, Timmy went to LA and he and Eiza… ? 

Or had they already started before then and we had no idea? It’s none of my business. It’s none of your business. It’s none of our business. And we’ll probably never know their business since we knew almost nothing about Timmy and Lily-Rose when they were together. Maybe fan fiction is the answer then?