There’s been a lot of talk lately about Timothée Chalamet and specifically whether or not he’s dating Kylie Jenner. It was reported earlier this week, likely direct from the Kardashian-Jenner team, that Timmy and Kylie are officially casually dating aka officially friends with benefits. And we needed to know this because Timmy was not at Coachella with Kylie. 


Right now Timmy is in New York, and was seen today filming a commercial directed by Martin Scorsese. One of the scenes involves Timmy, in a white beater tank, walking up to the window and looking down into the street. 

So will Timmy stay in NYC through the weekend or will be head to LA for the second weekend of Coachella? Timmy’s pretty regular at Coachella and I feel like if there’s any performance he would want to show up for it would be Frank Ocean. He was interviewed by Frank a few years ago during Timmy’s Call Me By Your Name era and it was well known at the time how jacked Timmy was about talking to Frank. So they are fans of each other, or at least Frank was a fan of Timmy then. Hard to say what Frank is a fan of now… and hard to say what Frank’s set will be like this weekend because I’m sure you’ve heard about the drama  and there have been rumours that the second show might not even go ahead. Just rumours at this point, but to go back to Timmy, if he’s heading to Coachella, it would be for Frank. And… maybe Kylie? 

What about the Met Gala, though? Timmy is also a regular there. Will they both attend? Will they attend, like, together together? Or will Timmy have exited the Kardashian ecosystem by that point?