Timothee Chalamet showed up last week to the NBR gala with a moustache and people had feelings about it. I thought it might be some prep work for playing Bob Dylan, although it’ll be a while before they start shooting that. And it’s not like it matters right now anyway because it’s gone – here’s Timmy shopping in New York this week, no facial hair. GOD HIS FACE.

That bone structure that you can see wherever you are. Kathleen and I just had a fight about Timmy yesterday that didn’t start as a fight, it started with love – how much we LOVE Greta Gerwig’s Little Women. Except of course Kathleen is a millennial and she grew up on the 1994 Little Women so she thinks Christian Bale was a superior Laurie… WHAT? 

Christian Bale never seemed playful and spirited enough as a Laurie for me. That’s what I really appreciated about Timmy’s performance: he was both boyish AND grownup later on. Even Duana, who’s only attracted to uncles, was into Timmy. And I’m very into him in sweats. Maybe more into him in sweats than when he’s all dressed up and styled? Obviously he’s the best when he’s dressed up and styled, but there’s something… intimate about seeing him in casuals. A guy who wears sweatpants well? 

And Timmy can wear the sh-t out of sweatpants… 


Also I think he was shopping at Stussy, which I love because Stussy is classic brand that’s never not been cool but also doesn’t feel super thirsty to stay cool, you know? And they just dropped an anniversary collaboration. Wonder if this is what he got: 


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