People have been talking about Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner for months and it’s not like there’s been any doubt with her car seen frequently at his place and those photos of her with Kendall hanging out with Timmy and his sister Pauline. But those who refused to believe it could convince themselves that all of that previously was circumstantial evidence – just friends, nothing romantic.


Now though? Hard evidence, strategically delivered. Timmy and Kylie have not only gone public, they chose the most high profile heatscore event to premiere their situationship: on Beyoncé’s birthday. Of course they would know that they’d be seen. Of course they would know that people would be watching. And this is what they saw – Timmy and Kylie arriving in VIP…

…and then Timmy smoking in VIP while everyone else is blowing their vapes into their sleeves (what? just me?). 


But here’s the money shot, obviously TMZ was all over it: 


It’s another smash hit Kris Jenner production – Kylie is now with the Internet’s Boyfriend, Hollywood’s Young King, and he does not appear to have been taken hostage. In fact, he looks like an eager volunteer participating in the official launch of his new relationship. His new nepo relationship. 

This is what Elise came through with an excellent observation, pointing out at our ETALK morning meeting today that almost all of Timmy’s romances have been with nepo babies: Lourdes Leon, Lily-Rose Depp, and now Kylie Jenner. Eiza Gonzalez was the exception but that lasted all of five minutes. Timmy’s on a nepo streak with his bonafides. 

Attached - Timothée out for dinner last week at Giorgio Baldi.