Busy day yesterday for Timothée Chalamet. He started it in New York and then ended up in Toronto at Yorkdale, a luxury mall, where there’s a big Wonka activation. His outfit is fine but I’m here to talk about his bracelet. I know about this bracelet because I know who gave it to him: Kadija, who is my colleague on ETALK. And she’s the biggest Timmy fan so of course she was there. And she handed it to him, and he put it on, and did not take it off. He kept it on while posing for photos – and you know what it says? The word on the bracelet is “cunty”. LOOOOLLLLLL. Kadija, as you can imagine, is basically screaming and crying and living and dying. This is her, right beside him, in the feature photo of this post. You can also check her Instagram stories for more from her moment with Timmy.  (Go Fug Yourself)


Get ready for the Nepo-Baby who is an aspiring Nepo-Rapper: North West. (The Cut)

Dakota Johnson says she needs 10 to 15 hours of sleep a night which… is it want or is it need? Because it’s a different conversation, depending on the word. Do I want 10 to 15 hours of sleep a night? Sure. Am I capable of it? Yes, actually, I’m a great sleeper. But do I need it? Need it to, like, function? 10 to 15 hours?! No. Does she?! Now I’m thinking about who Dakota is, and how she presents herself. There’s a general…like… drawl about her, right? A drawl is a word we use to describe how someone speaks, but apply that energy to how someone LIVES. Dakota drawls through life – and maybe it’s because she sleeps that f-cking much. (Cele|bitchy) 


Greta Lee is all of us, but better.” Yes. It is true. Greta Lee is the best. She is our forever girl crush of 2023. Give Greta Lee everything! (Pajiba)

Megan Thee Stallion went live yesterday to dunk on her ex. And her words are excellent. ““You say ‘I didn’t cheat?’ So why you thought that bar was for you? Why are you making the shoe fit, Cinderella? You squeezing your foot in there friend, if it wasn’t you, why the hell is you talking to me?” Also she looks amazing.  (The Root)