CCXP is like a Comic-Con kind of joint that happens in Brasil every year and it happened this weekend. The biggest draw at the event was an appearance by the Dune cast with director Denis Villeneuve, together for the first time at least in public, since filming wrapped… I think? It’s been a minute! 


Dune Part 2 was supposed to already be in theatres by now. The new release date is March 2024 but if not for the strikes, we would have been, at this point, happily saturated with visuals of the Dune Fab Four – Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Austin Butler, and Florence Pugh, a quartet of the most high-profile promising stars of their generation on every carpet on multiple continents. That will come in the new year but now, their collective presence at CCXP was major. I mean, all four of these names, on their own, is major. Especially Zendaya who keeps a pretty low profile when she doesn’t have to be out promoting and, as we all know, when Zendaya gets dressed, it’s always a viral moment. 


This Schiaparelli is divine on her! And it’s perfect for what she’s there for because as Law Roach shared on IG stories, this is basically sand worm inspired! 


As for Timmy, he was in Paris for Wonka before heading to CCXP and the fit in Paris was… well… exactly right for Paris. 

Timothee Chalamet poses on the red carpet upon arrival for the Premiere of the film "Wonka" at the UGC Normandie cinema in Paris, on December 1, 2023

So his wardrobe, it would seem, is tailored for the location. And so for Dune he was back in kinda Mad Max vibes. Austin’s fashion isn’t all that remarkable but, like, that face is enough. And the story with Flo isn’t so much her clothing but what happened at the end of the session which is that some idiot in the audience threw something on stage and it hit her face. She seemed OK but it continues the alarming trend of f-ckwits tossing sh-t at performers and I’m not sure if it’s going to stop because …how do you cure stupidity?