The ATX TV Festival began last night in Austin, Texas with a screening and panel for Justified: City Primeval. Timothy Olyphant was on hand, along with the new Justified Boyd, Boyd Holbrook. Two of my faves, standing near each other, starting the weekend off right. Also present were executive producer Sarah Timberman, and series co-stars Adelaide Clemens and Vivian Olyphant, Timothy’s daughter who also plays Raylan’s daughter, Willa, on the show.


After the trailer yesterday, two things are clear: we have, thus far, decided not to be mad about Olyphant nepotism, and we’re on board with Boyd Holbrook as a Justified villain. No one can replace Walton Goggins and Boyd Crowder, but Holbrook as Clement Mansell, “the Oklahoma Wildman”, looks appropriately intimidating. The bit where he’s tacitly threatening Willa! Though I bet she doesn’t scare easy. Not only is Raylan Givens her father, she also had a gun pointed at her in the womb. Being between her father and a bad man is literally in her blood.

And Holbrook’s Mansell comes across as the right combination of unhinged and smart to be a worthy opponent for Raylan. (But then, “opponent” and “foil” aren’t necessarily the same thing in a narrative.) At the very least, we’re all here for these two handsome dudes slinging Justified’s brand of loquacious dialogue at each other.