Jeremy Allen White is not my flavor, but some of you LOVE Jeremy Allen White, so here is JAW in his latest, shirtless, post-workout glory. I would, however, like all y’all JAW fans to tell me whether or not the bare feet in public is doing anything for you. Some people are totally fine walking around barefoot in the street, I am not. I have lived in LA, I know what’s on those streets, no thank you. Honestly, I’m just afraid of stepping on something sharp! And don’t tell me you build up calluses, nails go through the soles of full-on shoes all the time, they will definitely go through your bare ass foot. 


I also had to confess to Lainey recently that I am not really into The Bear. I get it, I see how well it’s written and directed and acted, and I’m not going to argue with anyone who loves the show. It just stresses me out, it’s so tense and everyone is upset all the time. I’m just not in a place to be so stressed out by TV right now. The amount of stress I can handle from my shows at the moment is “Stede and Blackbeard pining from afar” in Our Flag Means Death. The teaser for the second season dropped yesterday, and it looks fantastic. Blackbeard is in full heartbroken rampage mode, and Stede is feeling himself despite missing Blackbeard. Just one problem—there’s no sign of Lucius. Blackbeard! You better not have killed Lucius for real! 


Was this thirst trap post about Jeremy Allen White an excuse to bring up Our Flag Means Death all along? Yes, absolutely. But seriously, do tell me if you’re down with the bare feet.