Tom Cruise has been in Paris the last few weeks shooting Mission: Impossible 6. Here he is yesterday on set with Vanessa Kirby filming a kissing scene. You’ll recall, they tried to rumour a few weeks ago that Tom’s in love with her and that they’re totally together now. The only problem, then, was that they’d yet to start working together. That said, these pictures will likely fire up the speculation again.

I’ve always thought Tom to be a good movie kisser. Not necessarily because he’s sexy (though I used to find him quite sexy) but because, I’ve now realised, with a better understanding of his career and his approach to it, he probably practises. The way he practises stunts, the way he practises rounding a tight corner on his motorcycle. As we’ve seen, he’s obsessive about acting, he’s always only acting. And part of that is the love scene. And, sometimes, falling in love on set. Rebecca De Mornay. Kelly McGillis. Nicole Kidman. Penelope Cruz. 

So… Vanessa? The tabloids were wrong then but this is not a storyline they’re going to drop. Especially not with these shots. And the Photo Assumption.

But it’s not the kiss that’s giving me any Photo Assumption tingles about their chemistry. It’s this shot of them laughing in between takes. She’s leaning in towards him making a silly face, he’s leaning away, arms behind his back laughing at her. THAT might be the moment, non?