This weekend was the most visible Tom Cruise has been in months with three appearances, though only one of them was live and, naturally, all of them were related to Tom’s uber-stunting.


It’s been reported for weeks that Tom either was invited to King Charles’s coronation or would be a part of it. And he showed up in a tribute video that was all about how the king is an “action man”. So, basically, one of the plotlines of the coronation was “the monarch can go hard!” But since chest thumping wouldn’t be appropriate, they decide to produce a video intercutting his old air force footage with celebrity testimonials. 

Guess how Tom shot his contribution? You can’t keep Tom on the ground! He belongs in the sky! (Fast forward the 53 second mark if you don’t want to relive the days of Top Gun Charles.)



How much debate do you think there was at Buckingham Palace over whether or not it would be OK for Tom to say that the King could be HIS wingman instead of offering to be the King’s wingman anytime? Everybody here has an enormous ego, and I’d like to imagine that not even for the King would Tom Cruise sit in the backseat! 

But what makes me laugh most is that, well, the King didn’t even get his own unique Tom Cruise message from the skies. Because Tom also sent a video to the MTV Movie Awards to accept his win – and he’s flying the same plane, he’s wearing the same white t-shirt, it’s pretty much the exact same shot, and the only difference is that he has the golden popcorn mounted at the back.

Did he shoot this on the same day? No exclusivity whatsoever! On this level, the King’s coronation is treated the same as the (increasingly irrelevant) MTV Movie Awards – although I do appreciate that Tom had to restrain himself from plugging his movie in his footage for the King. 


And then when all that flying was said and done, Tom turned up in Miami for the Grand Prix where he joined the Mercedes pit crew. 


And hung out with Shakira: 

Um, are you thinking what I’m thinking?