Not the face you expected at the Fashion Awards in London, right? It’s not really Tom Cruise’s usual environment. But he was there, presumably, because Giorgio Armani was honoured with the Outstanding Achievement Award. We’ll get to Mr Armani later. 

Tom has been wearing Mr Armani’s suits for years. He also, when he’s not doing his Xenu thing in Clearwater, Florida at Scientology headquarters, spends a lot of time in London, more time there in the past few years than he does in Los Angeles. Still, Tom is one of the most secretive, undercover stars in the business. Nobody knows what he’s doing when he’s not shooting…although he’s always shooting. We’re now six months away from Top Gun: Maverick. A new trailer should be coming out soon. I wonder what that press tour will look like. 

Until then, here’s Tom last night, sat with Michelle Dockery – and before you go there, it was quite recently reported that Michelle’s dating Jasper Waller-Bridge, brother of Phoebe, and they were seen grocery shopping together a couple of weeks ago. Also, before you go there, don’t do that to her, she’s been through enough!

Back to Tom’s work though, because there’s not much else to say about him since he’s locked his sh-t down after his split from Katie Holmes – there are two more Mission Impossible movies planned and the sequel to Edge of Tomorrow has been in the works for a while and possibly one other space action movie and he’s turning 58 next summer and at this rate, the man will be running until he’s 70, there’s no time for love, people! Which, I guess, is fine because as you can see, he has no grey hair. How often do you think Tom Cruise has to tune up his roots?