Tom Cruise has already given us some comedy this week with his culinary extra. Now, for the second time in a matter of days, he’s providing more offscreen entertainment, because of how extra he is when he commutes. 


Tom, a very busy movie star, has no time to sit in traffic. So his preferred method of city travel is helicopter. This is not uncommon among big name celebrities or big money celebrities. People in New York go back and forth from the Hamptons via helicopter all the time. But few of them FLY their own helicopters – and that’s part of the draw for Tom. Because he not only gets to save time, he gets to Top Gun himself from one destination to the next; he is Maverick, always and forever. 

This week he was heading to a meeting but the airport he was supposed to land at was closed so his people asked a local family if, you know, they would mind if someone parked their helicopter in their field. Of course he was gracious and allowed the kids in the family to go for a ride in his helicopter while he was off to his meeting and posed for photos with everyone…

But that helicopter life, it’s a thing for him. 


Because after hearing about it in the news, James Corden on his show last night decided to share his own Tom Cruise helicopter story – with receipts. Start at the 9:25 mark of the video below: 


“WHERE CAN I PARK MY HELI” is clearly a daily preoccupation for Tom Cruise! While you’re looking for a bike rack, Tom Cruise is looking for a helipad! 


Oh and by the way, any old pole on any street is to you what a flat surface is to Tom Cruise. Because the kicker here is pure Tom, the way he tells James Corden that, “You’d be surprised where I can land”. 

There it is!

That’s the extra! 

He’s Tom Cruise, he can overcome any obstacle, he is so skilled at doing helicopter that as long as you tell him where, whether it’s a cornfield or a playground or the rooftop deck of a townhouse in St John’s Wood, he will find a way to land the heli, goddamn it, don’t you f-cking doubt it!