The Hollywood Reporter published the most LOL article about Tom Cruise yesterday about Tom’s recent day of popularity. 


It was ten days ago, on February 13, when Tom made his first in-person appearance on the Oscar campaign circuit at the Nominees Luncheon where, in a room full of nominees and stars, he was over and above the biggest star of them all, and according to multiple journalists who were there, and other actors too, he was the one they all wanted to spend time with. They made it sound like Tom was THE guest of honour on a day when a hundred people were being honoured for their achievements. Even Steven Spielberg went up to Tom and could be heard telling him that he “saved Hollywood’s ass”. 

Apparently the sycophanting (this is not a word but it should be) didn’t end there. Because after the luncheon, Tom took a meeting with his agents at CAA and this is what happened: 

“THR learned that CAA employees surprised Cruise by leaving their offices and gathering in the lobby and along the stairwells on every floor for a greeting that included five minutes of applause.”


The conquering hero! Basically a parade!

Maha Dakhil, one of the top executives at CAA, posted a photo of herself with Tom from the visit: 


“…the man who brought us back to the theaters”. Right. And made a lot of people a lot of money. So I guess the agents aren’t that bothered by the whole Scientology thing right now. Judd Apatow may have mocked Tom at the Directors Guild the other night but on the other side of it you have the power brokers of Hollywood kissing Tom’s ring. In the short term, then, seeing as we are in campaign season, and Best Picture is up for grabs, with Oscar voting beginning next week, what does this hero’s reception tell us about Top Gun: Maverick’s chances? 

Tom will be honoured at the Producers Guild awards this weekend. He’s getting a career achievement award and Top Gun: Maverick is nominated for Best Picture. In other words, more applause for Tom, maybe even another standing ovation. There’s a good amount of overlap between the PGA and the Oscars which is why the PGAs are considered one of the more reliable bellwethers for what will happen at the Oscars. And also a campaign stop. The Screen Actors Guild awards follow on Sunday night. So we may have a much clearer picture of the race by Monday morning.