If you play a superhero, is it gauche to dress as that superhero for Halloween? I think so. I would think less of Chris Hemsworth if he showed up at a party as Thor. Tom Hiddleston and the cast of Betrayal on Broadway have been teasing a Halloween surprise, telling fans to come by last night by the stage door. The big reveal is that he and Charlie Cox traded costumes – Charlie played Daredevil, Tom was, of course Loki, and they swapped. Their co-stars Zawe Ashton and Eddie Arnold were Captain Marvel and Captain America. 

Apparently nerds were really excited about this. It’s a Marvel thing. Probably a predictable Marvel thing? They’re on stage together. Everybody knows the connection. I mean, I’m not trying to be a bitch about this, I guess I was more into another thing that happened at Betrayal last night? Julia Louis-Dreyfus was there!


She’s the best, obviously, but what makes this extra amazing is that we’ve seen Tom, in the past, get pretty excited being around the actors who are universally looked up to among other actors. You all can be excited about the Marvel thing, but he’s the most excited and delighted about JLD in the audience appreciating his work. 

I’m not mad at that, not at all. I just… hope we don’t get an impression?