In the previous article, I posted about Robert Pattinson on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night and how many lies he told. I held one back though…because I was saving it for this post with Tom Holland. 


Jimmy’s leading question was about how the superheroes are British these days. Robert Pattinson is Batman and British. Henry Cavill was Superman and British. Tom Holland is Spider-Man and British. And that teed up Rob to talk about working with Tom on a movie, before they were cast as their respective superheroes, and reveal that Tom wanted the part so bad he walked around Colombia, on the set of The Lost City of Z, in a Spider-Man costume. This cannot be true but it is exactly the kind of lie that RP is known for that will come up again… which is perhaps what he intended because Tom is also on a press tour right now for Uncharted. 

That’s why he’s been in New York the last few days. And now he’ll be asked about “manifesting” Spider-man before he was Spider-Man by dressing like Spider-Man all the time.


Or maybe not. That’s not what I would ask him. If I’m honest, what I want to know is … Zendaya. She is with him in New York. She went to a screening of his movie with him. They also went shopping. They held hands. They hugged at the store…

It’s true. They really are the sweetest. They are what people have been emailing and DMing me the most about the last couple of days – and no, not just Gen Xers, everyone, no matter the generation, is into these two. Because they’re adorable and wholesome! Even Twitter can’t find anything to hate about them!