Just over a year ago, Tom Holland and Zendaya were promoting Spider-Man: Homecoming and we all thought they’d been dating for a couple of years, even though they would never confirm it. They hung out a lot though, with each other’s families, but through it all, they maintained that they were just very close friends. Shortly after, whatever it was ended and both were seen out with other people and you know what makes it even more obvious – at least to me – that they were indeed in a romantic relationship at one point? 


Their “friendly” interactions have largely ceased. They used to, from time to time, include each other on their social media accounts and leave comments. That doesn’t happen as much, or at all, now that it’s over. I mean, sure, it’s also because they’re not actively promoting Spider-Man but if they really were just friends, in theory, why such a sharp pivot? 

Anyway, Zendaya for a while seemed to be dealing with Jacob Elordi, after working with him on Euphoria but they’ve been apart during the pandemic and there’s been no indication either way whether or not they’re still happening. Tom, however, definitely has a girlfriend – Nadia Parkes, also an actor. And they just made it pretty official on Instagram: 


Tom also left a comment under her photo of him, “Fairway to heaven”, and another about wearing red on the golf course on Sundays like Tiger Woods. Can we just talk about golf clothing for a second though? Because her outfit is not considered proper golf clothing. Jeans are not allowed. The tank top is not allowed. There are some golf courses that are so pearl-clutchy that a short tennis skirt will get you a side-eye. I know this because I’ve been reprimanded before for wearing a tennis skort to play golf, and trust me it was NOT obscene, and the dude in the pro shop tried to tell me that the length of my skort was not close enough to my knees. Then another player, a woman, tsked that I should measure the length of my skort next time with a scorecard to make sure it was “appropriate”. I’ve been playing golf for over 15 years. Golf people can be uptight as f-ck. Things are more relaxed these days for sure but there are still certain private clubs that get real prickly where women’s bodies are concerned. So if Nadia Parkes were not a celebrity? If I showed up in the same outfit as her to a fancy ass golf club (which is, I’m sure, where they were playing)? There would have been disapproval. That said, while I think she can wear whatever the f-ck she wants to play, I’m not sure about playing well in this outfit. I couldn’t golf in jeans, they don’t breathe and they don't allow for the movement I need. I have to constantly remind myself to rotate my hips, and I can’t rotate if I’m not comfortable, if I’m thinking about whether or not I’m being chafed by the waistband of my jeans. 

As for Tom, apparently he’s golf-obsessed, can drive the ball 300 yards, and has a pretty smooth swing. I just asked Jacek to analyse his swing. 

According to Jacek, “he’s very on plane, that’s beautiful”. 


Speaking of beautiful swings though, maybe the most beautiful swing on tour right now – the game of golf has a new superstar! Collin Morikawa won the PGA Championship yesterday, the first major of the year, and became the third youngest winner in tournament history (since it became a stroke-play event). Look at this tee shot that basically won him the tournament on 16. That left him with an eagle putt, which he made. 

SO PRETTY – and he’s super cute too. Look how cute he is!

Collin Morikawa of the United States poses for a photo with the trophy after winning the PGA Championship at TPC Harding Park in San Francisco on Aug. 9, 2020

And even cuter with Katherine Zhu (from Vancouver), his girlfriend: 

Collin Morikawa of the United States celebrates with the Wanamaker Trophy and girlfriend Katherine Zhu after winning the 2020 PGA Championship at TPC Harding Park on August 09, 2020 in San Francisco, California

She too is a great golfer with a sweet swing who played for Pepperdine University:

I’m obsessed. Why isn’t this me?!