Kathleen called them “Zomdaya”. Sarah was pushing for “Zendalland”, or something. That would be the proposed portmanteaux for Zendaya and Tom Holland because for a couple of years now, we thought they were dating. Or we really, really hoped they were dating. 

Zendaya and Tom kept saying they weren’t dating. Nobody believed them. And now...he’s been seen with someone else. Even though he’s recently been seen with Zendaya and even though he spends time at Zendaya’s and his ma adores Zendaya - apparently Zendaya and Tom aren’t a thing? Are no longer a thing?

Tom the other night was with an unidentified blonde woman and, well, this looks like there is definitely no Zomdaya or Zendalland or whatever right now. Click on TMZ's gallery to see more. Kathleen is not OK. 




What Kathleen is trying to say - and she would fight you in a courtroom over this - is that in her mind, and so many of yours, there is no way there wasn’t SOMEthing between Z and T. So maybe that something is over? 

Was that something ever really anything?!

Kathleen is right to be worried about Zomdaya stans. They’re not only contending with the fact that their OTP is not forever, they may also be grappling with the possibility that their OTP was JF (just friends) all along. 

And now I’m worried about this young woman. Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned from over-invested fans, it’s that they can be cruel to those they consider the spoilers. Everybody calm down. It’s going to be OK. They’re SO young. This was never going to last. At least not for now. Let them grow apart and grow back together again. There is a third Spider-Man movie after all.