One of the biggest pop culture headlines of the week, aside from the Great Chicken Sandwich Beef, was that Disney/Marvel and Sony cannot resolve their Spider-Man love triangle which means that, as Sarah has covered extensively, Peter Parker may not be an Avenger anymore, which also means that he may no longer be Tony Stark’s heir. 


Unlike Sarah, I am not dealing with this like an emotionally resilient adult. All I can think about is how, in Endgame, Tony fell into Cap’s arms and said, “I lost the kid”. And how Tony was only inspired to solve time travel by looking at the picture of him with “the kid” and the upside down certificate. And how Tony hugged him so hard on the battlefield. And how broken Peter is through most of Far From Home. And how comfortable he was on the plane as the new “mechanic”, tinkering with sh-t like Tony used to, with Tony’s soundtrack playing in the background, and Happy looking on with uncle pride. 

Peter was how I was keeping Tony alive! And Tony, as you know if you’ve been with us over the years, is the reason why I’m even into the MCU and the Avengers in the first place. I love that character. I even love Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3, this is how committed I am to the Stark legacy. Peter is Tony’s legacy! (Until Morgan is old enough.)


So, no, f-ck no, even though I know we have to move on and Sarah is right that good things can still happen, I’m not over it. And now they are messing with us. MESSING WITH OUR DELICATE HEARTS. 

This is what Tom Holland posted on Instagram yesterday. It’s not like these two jokers don’t know what everyone’s been talking about:


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Even Mark Ruffalo is feeling it. 

But does it mean anything? 

Could it mean something? 

Hope is not a good idea right now. The only healthy takeaway for us here is the knowledge that even though, in fiction, Mr Stark and the kid may no longer be connected, in real life they remain bonded. And sometimes Mr Stark invites Peter over to play action figures and go hiking. 

In other Robert Downey Jr news, he showed up at the Rolling Stones concert for a big announcement last night. 

Earlier this summer, RDJ introduced his Footprint Coalition. “Between robotics and nanotechnology, we could clean up the planet significantly, if not totally, in 10 years,” he said. 

Yes, like Tony Stark he’s using nanotech to advance green energy and save the environment. Genius, billionaire, husband, philanthropist. ETERNAL. (But not that kind of Eternal.)