Dear Gossips, 

It’s Thanksgiving in the United States which means a lot of people, including Sarah, are trying to make the turkeys taste good. Last time Sarah and I messaged, her bird was soaking overnight as step one, and I think the next step involved some kind of maple glaze. She insists that her turkey isn’t dry. I insist that turkey is always dry. Will turkey break our friendship?!


Speaking of turkey, though, it turns out that turkey has added to my Kelce appreciation because apparently the Kelces don’t f-ck with turkey either. As Jason and Travis explained on this week’s episode of their New Heights podcast: 


Yes, exactly! Pork chops for Thanksgiving? I’m in. Honey baked ham is also way better than turkey. I mean, ham’s not my favourite, I can only really handle two bites before it gets too salty for me but I’ll take it over turkey every day. The pork chops though? I will f-ck up a pork chop. The Japanese do a great pork chop: tonkatsu. Omg tonkatsu is what should happen at a holiday meal! 

You know what can give tonkatsu a good run though? The Polish pork chop, kotlety schabowe. I married a Polish dude, I’ve had kotlety schabowe made the Polish mom way – and it is FIRE. So if you’re looking for turkey alternatives for Christmas, you have pork chop options!


To go back to Travis, he also shared on New Heights that he’ll be alone with his KFC on Thanksgiving because he’ll be in Kansas City while Jason’s over in Pennsylvania and Taylor Swift remains in Brasil as authorities are investigating the death of Ana Clara Benevides at her concert in Rio de Janeiro last Friday. Taylor is currently in Sao Paolo ahead of the final three shows of the South American leg of The Eras tour and while there is still a lot of speculation about why she hasn’t said much and when she’ll say more, it probably has to do with the investigation and respecting that process. 

There have been some rumours that she won’t be able to leave Brasil until the investigation is complete. We’ll know by Monday if that’s accurate since by then there won’t be any reason for her to stay unless she’s being asked to by the authorities. 

Yours in gossip,