The headline about Travis Kelce today has to do with property – and of course people are trying to bring Taylor Swift into it. According to TMZ, Travis closed on a new $6 million mansion in a gated community in Kansas City this week. This will give him more privacy, so people are now making the jump that he made the purchase for Taylor…which… 


No doubt, it will help when she’s around but he was apparently already in the market for an upgrade and someplace less accessible before his situation with Taylor. If you look at photos of his current home, the one he’s vacating, I mean it’s nice, but anyone can basically pull up outside. And given that he was already popular, in certain circles, and especially in KC, before Taylor entered the picture, it’s probably been a consideration for a while. She may have just accelerated the decision. But, sure, Travis buys a new house so he can be alone in peace with Taylor is definitely the more appealing gossip. 


What’s appealing to me about Travis right now though is the fashion talk. Travis Kelce loves fashion and he was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal this week, not about football, not about sports, not about training, not about Taylor, but about fashion. He says he needs three hours to pick out an outfit and that’s his game day ritual – he’s thinking about how he wants to look when he arrives at the stadium; he has over 300 pairs of shoes; and, my favourite detail, he is always, always, always on his phone looking at online retailers. Same, Trav, same. 


This, by the way, was true even before Taylor. Remember what he wore when he hosted SNL earlier this year? 


That Dior suit was a CHOICE! Look at that extra sleeve coming down from inside the jacket. But, as we’ve seen, Travis is coming with some flair. He’s extra about his fits. He’s out here talking to WSJ about fabrics and designers that he’s now in the price point for. Travis Kelce is a clothes horse. He might even be more into it than Taylor herself – because his taste is actually, comparatively, more sophisticated than hers, lol. 

Do you know what this means? 

Travis Kelce is going to the Met Gala. I’m predicting it now. May 6, 2024, Travis will be there. As for Taylor… I mean if they’re still happening by then… she’ll be on tour again but she just happens to have a gap in her tour schedule right now between March 9 and May 9 and is technically free that day. 


And to round out this Travis update – you remember the moment from this weekend when Taylor and Travis pulled up to the SNL after-party and he waved off her security to help her out of the car himself? I guess there were some members of the Swift fandom who thought that was rude and that he may have offended her bodyguards which… 

Can’t we just have this one nice thing?!! Why are we bitching about the most innocent, best-gossip moment ever?!


Anyway, Jason Kelce asked Travis about that this week on their New Heights podcast and here’s what he said: 

Like, do you know what Taylor’s security team has seen in their time? Do we seriously think this would have been an issue? Remember, this is the popstar who was rumoured to be moving around in suitcases, LOLOLOLOL. A new boyfriend coming on the scene who wants to perform chivalry is not a problem for these people, ffs.