I don’t know anything. I’m not sure anyone knows anything. But there’s a lot of scrambling happening. So I’m just making sure you know about what no one’s sure about. Does that make sense? Let me try again. 

Last week, as I mentioned, media in the UK were making preparations for some kind of royal announcement that may or may not have been happening two days ago, on Tuesday. That was the day after Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s 70th anniversary. Everyone was asked to be on standby. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did not announce their engagement on Tuesday. But Meghan Markle did fly to London last Saturday and she was seen in London this week. And that window I’ve been talking about is closing. So this morning, I wake up at 5am ET and my phone had been blowing up overnight with media requests from the UK. They got a tip that something would be happening TODAY. It is now late afternoon in the UK. Nothing happened today. 

But now they’re readying for something to happen tomorrow and they’re reaching out to all kinds of media contacts to secure appearances for commentary. Satellite windows have been booked and at least two UK networks that I know of are preparing to come out of scheduled programming and go live as soon as the engagement is announced, if it’s announced. Although no one seems to be able to say for sure whether or not anything will be announced. No one’s been able to say where these tips have been coming from and whether or not they’re legitimate. But everyone wants to be ready anyway. On the one hand, it kinda makes sense. Today is Thanksgiving in the United States. Most news agencies are operating on reduced staff. If there was something to announce and they did it today, they’d be doing it when a lot of people aren’t at work. If there was something to announce, tomorrow is certainly more attractive than today. At least in America. And Meghan Markle is American. That said, things are still not at full speed tomorrow either in the US. Many have the day off. It’s also black Friday and people will be trying not to get into fights over electronics equipment. Maybe a royal engagement will put people in a better mood as they’re waiting in line to buy a new flat screen television?  

Whatever may or may not happen, I’m just telling you that the UK media is ready. And they seem to think it’s happening tomorrow which is why, behind the scenes, they’re on high alert. Which means we have to be on high alert. Never mind that Meghan literally just moved to London this week and is probably not even unpacked. Love is love! So in 24 hours, we may get what we’ve been waiting for. Or, in 24 hours, nothing will have f-cking changed. 

In the meantime, here are some shots of Prince William and Catherine at the Aston Villa football club yesterday.