Elon Musk’s bedside table looks exactly like what you’d expect from someone who so desperately wants to be one of the cool kids which often results in being desperately uncool. (Pajiba) 


Kendall Jenner went out to pick up some flowers and her outfit was a sweater over a white shirt over a pair of tights and black underwear worn over those tights. It’s actually an office outfit on the top, just not on the bottom. Maybe, one day, this is what office attire will be. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Kim Kardashian has commented on the disturbing new Balenciaga ad campaign. She’s the brand’s most high-profile ambassador so a statement was necessary but a lot of people are criticising her for not doing so until yesterday when the controversy had been happening for days. I’m not in the business of defending Kardashians but Kim’s explanation – that she wanted to speak to Balenciaga first – tracks for me because I’m not sure we need anybody to be throwing up any statement within five minutes that isn’t well-considered and thoughtful. By all means, though, keep yelling at the brand and side-eyeing their apology and shifting the blame to others. I don’t understand this business about suing the company that produced the ad when it’s not like they shouldn’t have seen the ad and approved it before it was released. Are they seriously trying to convince people that they let that ad go public without their sign-off? (Dlisted)


Prince William and Kate are due to arrive in Boston on Wednesday. The British tabloids are giving big masturbatory energy to this trip, calling it their “Super Bowl”. Will and Kate, meanwhile, are supposedly trying to downplay the visit which… is it the Super Bowl or is it a high school football game (which, I know, in the States can be a big f-cking deal but it’s not like most high school football games get international coverage). The fact that they decided to do their event in the United States is strategic attempt to have a rock star moment in America, why are we pretending that that’s not the goal? (Cele|bitchy)

For starters, Pepsi, Where’s My Jet is a great title. And next, a lot of people are talking about this docuseries, so it’s one more thing to watch. And I still have to catch up on the latest episode of The White Lotus – no spoilers, please! As for Pepsi and the Jet, here are the seven of the most bizarre revelations. (Salon)