These days there are certain celebrities we associate with Balenciaga. Kim Kardashian’s arrival in Paris for haute couture week with Balenciaga was not unexpected. She’s been wearing so much Balenciaga over the last year or so – and basically the same outfit over and over again in different colours and prints – that’s it’s no surprise that she’s there. 


But Nicole Kidman? If there was a Paris haute couture show that Nicole would have been predicted to attend, for me I would have said Armani Privé. Instead she arrived in Paris to serve looks for Demna Gvasalia and Balenciaga, first at a fitting yesterday in high waisted wide leg jeans wearing cat-eye sunglasses and then today, with Keith Urban, not just to see the collection but to model.   


She posted video of herself moments before the show about to make her entrance: 

Nicole was among a list of high-profile celebrities walking for Balenciaga today, including Naomi Campbell, Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid, and of course Kim. Like I said, though, Nicole is the one here who is least associated with the label which is why this is particularly noteworthy. 


And she seems to be having a great time. Because she seems to be feeling herself. Look at this horny energy:

She went for it with that kiss. That’s adrenaline and swagger. She knew she was about to put on a show. It’s an interesting, random flex from Nicole and I love that after all these years, and so much time at the top of the Hollywood fame game, she still wants to play and make unpredictable plays.