Variety’s Actors on Actors series is hit and miss for me. And it all depends on the actors. Sarah’s got Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans coming up next and there’s some intrigue and insight there because of the Avengers connection and for me, I’m always curious about how Scarjo engages with people because it’s a side of her that remains elusive - what is she like as a friend, what is she like as a colleague? 

Also Variety usually does a good job with its actor combinations. Pairing Michael B Jordan with Charlize Theron worked for me last year. I also enjoyed Julia Roberts and Patricia Arquette. You know Julia’s selective about who she’ll sit down with. So Brad Pitt and Adam Sandler is an interesting choice. At first at least. And then you read the transcript and, well, it’s as dry as you would expect. Brad Pitt is too experienced to be giving anything away. And Sandler doesn’t care enough to push anyway. At one point Brad starts in on a lecture about the movie business spanning the 80s to the present and then they both speak lightly about the pros and cons of streaming services. Riveting stuff. The most annoying part is when Brad cites “less press” as an advantage of working with Netflix. Don’t you love it when actors complain about having to promote their work? And being forced to talk to people who are desperate for five minutes of their time so that they can help them sell their projects? 

What’s interesting here is what’s not being talked about and how they intersect. Brad and Adam reminisce about coming up in the business at the same time and their various experiences but you know who doesn’t come up? Adam Sandler is good friends with Brad’s ex-wife. The first one, Jennifer Aniston. Adam just presented to Jen at the People’s Choice Awards the other night. They’ve worked together on a few movies, most recently Murder Mystery, available on Netflix. 

So, you know, if someone were to try to get the two of them back together, it wouldn’t be Oprah, the best candidate might be Adam Sandler. Which is a story that In Touch, Star, Life & Style, of the Sun in the UK might try to fiction in an upcoming issue. Watch for it. 

Oh and one more thing - remember when Brad Pitt said he wouldn’t be campaigning for Oscar? First of all, Variety’s Actors on Actors IS press. And second, it’s award season press! WTF do you think we’re here for?!

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