Venus Williams advanced to the round of 32 yesterday at Wimbledon in 3 sets, not an easy match, and probably a harder match than she would have wanted during the first week. But, given the circumstances, with all that’s going on outside of tennis in her life, probably understandable that Venus took a while to get going yesterday. She plays again tomorrow and, as a five time champion at this event, even though she might not be the favourite, or ranked as high as some of the others, I don’t think you can discount Venus’s chances. If she gets far enough in the tournament, I wonder if Serena will come to watch. Serena was there for Venus in May at the French Open. That was almost two months ago, sure. And you might be thinking maybe she’s too far into her pregnancy for all that travel? You did see Serena’s Instagram a couple of days ago though, right?


Wimbledon got me like: Easy standing drills this morning. Go easy.

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Can Serena even stand to watch? As she told Vanity Fair, it’s not even a question – she’s having the baby and then she’s coming back in January. Which is only SIX MONTHS FROM NOW. Not necessarily because she has something to prove but because, obviously, she’s missing it. And a lot of people are missing her. Including PK Subban who’s spending part of the off-season at the All England Club.

This a great outfit on PK. And it’s an outfit for a new era of Wimbledon. Two years ago they modified the spectator dress code in the expensive seats. You can wear t-shirts and jeans now. And as long as they’re clean, sneakers work too. Also tailored shorts, like the pair PK has on here. I would totally go as casual as allowed to Wimbledon…until championship weekend. There’s something special about seeing the crowd all dressed up for the Saturday and Sunday finals though, non?