The Beckhams and another rumour

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Victoria and David Beckham were at the Portrait Gala last night, seen here leaving hand in hand, reassuring the Beckham worriers out there that all is fine despite yet another rumour about whether or not he’s been faithful. The Beckhams were a heatscore last spring when some story started circulating, within British media, that a divorce announcement was imminent. So many people were convinced, like ready to swear on it, that it was over. It wasn’t over. But there was some crazy speculation about him knocking up a teacher at Harper’s school, or something, which ended up going nowhere and by the end of the summer, the Beckhams had weathered it, giving the British tabloids nowhere to go…until now. A new cycle begins. 

Last week, the Sun reported that Victoria is worried that David’s been getting too friendly with supermodel Helena Christensen. They were at an event together in December: 


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At one point, while posing for a photo, his hand was on her back and it’s been suggested that Helena is thirst-trapping David with pictures like these of herself on Instagram:


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Are the British tabloids wishful thinking? Are they throwing any gossip possibility up against the wall and hoping it will stick? Or… might there be something to this? 

The reason why the “David Beckham knocked up a teacher” story was absurd is because, well, that’s not his world. Like logistically it wouldn’t be possible considering travel schedules and work schedules etc. When he was busted all those years ago, though, it wasn’t just with Rebecca Loos. There was Sarah Marbeck, a model, who claimed they’d had an affair. Model Esther Canadas was allegedly mixed up in the scandal at the time too, along with several other models – you can revisit the whole thing here. Models, then, are much more likely to be encountered on a Beckham itinerary – between the parties and the photo shoots and the events – and an established model would be less likely to be indiscreet and sell her story than a school teacher who wants to make headlines. 

Not that I’m saying there’s anything going on between David and Helena. Probably they’re just friends. Probably it’s all above board. Nothing to see here. Is it weird that they don’t follow each other on Instagram though? She posted a photo of them together, tagged him, but no follow. Interestingly enough though, she does follow Dave Gardner, his best friend, just not David himself. If you’re all friends, why wouldn’t you follow both friends? A simple precaution to avoid drama? Is that how Instagram optics work? Or is it the opposite? Is it suspicious if you DON’T follow? 

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