This post is really just me f-cking with Maria. Maria, as she has shared, is always worried about the Beckhams. And the Beckhams …maybe have given her some reason to worry at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding on Saturday because Victoria had a face on. Which is what everyone was talking about online. That said, there were several pool feeds running at once with the arrivals. And if you were watching the pool feed from inside the chapel, when everyone was standing around hanging out before the royals started coming, there were a couple of shots of Victoria and David smiling as they were talking to Elton John and James Corden and others. So she wasn’t crabby the entire time. Just…um… the times we saw her alone with her husband. Like I said, I’m f-cking with Maria. 

It’s possible that she was pissed at David for whatever reason. It’s possible that they can’t stand to be around each other. It’s possible, as some of you have suggested, that she was insulted because she wasn’t seated in the inner chamber – which, frankly, I can’t see her feeling that way considering Elton John wasn’t in the VVVVVIP area either. Or maybe it’s just that Victoria’s awareness of the camera is next level. And she also understands that if you give away an expression, the public will run with it as far as they can. So what she attempts to do is to give us nothing at all. And nothing at all, on her, is basically Resting Bitch Face? 

Ha. You like the dirty, gossipy version better. If there is any dirty gossip on the Beckhams though, the better question is whether or not you think she would ever do anything about it. No one I talked to last week when I was in England believes that Victoria would break the brand. Do you? 

Victoria was out this morning in London – first at Scott’s hosting a breakfast after unveiling the terrace that she redecorated and then stopping by her flagship. And there was the hint of a smile, at least there was on Instagram.

Victoria was supported by her parents today:


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No other family members appeared to be there and if they were, they weren’t pictured. 

Poor Maria. She must be worried about what all this means.